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Tiki Oasis 15 Poster

Tiki Oasis is the Class M hypergiant of the Tiki scene – the biggest Tiki Weekender in the solar system

The Space Age ran parallel to the Modern Primitivism of Tiki Culture. While technology propelled modern man to the moon, the common man celebrated isolated islander cultures that were equally unattainable.

Whether it was a World’s Fair or Disneyland’s Tomorrowland (1955), It seemed that the interest in other worlds in outer space was equally as intriguing as our curiosity of primitive cultures. All World's Fairs had "International" exhibits displaying Exotic and Primitive cultures alongside the most modern aspects of technology. Similarly, with a short walk across Disnelyland's Main Street, tourists travelled from the advanced technologies of Tomorrowland to the wilds of Adventureland's Polynesian garden - The Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise. In 1947 the world listened and read about the Kon Tiki raft sailing across the South Pacific toward the most remote island on earth - Easter Island. Ten years later the Western world watched as Russia’s Sputnik sailed into outer space to begin The Space Race. Soon thereafter Apollo jettisoned the first men to the moon. The Telstar satellite (1962) inspired Joe Meek to pen the #1 Surf instrumental tune of the same name using cutting edge recording techniques (the single was backed by B Side “Jungle Fever”).

From late 19th century Jules Verne Sci-Fi voyages to the perfect future of The Jetsons (and their primitive counterparts The Flintstones); From Fritz Lang’s Futurist inspired Metropolis (1927) to The Star Trek Enterprise's search for the final frontier, man's love of Modernism and Primitivism have run parallel in space (Mars and the Moon) as it has on earth (the remote islands of The Polynesian Triangle)

Captain James Cook desired to go “farther than any other man has been before”. He discovered many remote islands as well as sailing to Antarctica and being the first to chart parts of Alaska, the final frontier of the Age of Discovery. Ironically we ended up putting a man on the moon decades before we discovered the last tribes in the mountains of Papua New Guinea. Just as Captain Cook’s Endeavor sailed uncharted seas, Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk’s Enterprise took voyages into outer space to discover "strange new worlds, uncharted civilizations, and exotic people."

In 2015, we here at Tiki Oasis will take you on warp speed from the garage-rock primitivism of The Chocolate Watchband and the vintage style Exotica of Tikiyaki Orchestra to the Blast Off Rock from Earth's capitol's house band The Phenomenauts and those beings from another planet Man or Astroman?

To ensure a safe voyage we have have assembled a stellar crew of Space Cadets to lead you on your journey to the stars: Flight Engineer Danny Biederman; Command Pilot Don Preston; Mission Specialist Neil Norman; Educator Mission Specialists Duke Weiss and Jeff Chenault; Space Flight Participants Sven Kirsten, Richard Foss, Martin Cate, Will the Thrill, and Domenic Priore.

Pull on your jet pack and jump into the air; grab your raygun and become a space invader; or just relax poolside soaking in the sights and sounds of your own moonage daydream.

Tiki Oasis Sold Out Thursday-Saturday

Tiki Oasis is Sold Out Thursday-Saturday. Limited tickets available for our Sunday evening event.

Booking a room in one of the arranged hotels does NOT include admission to the event. You must purchase tickets separately. If, for some reason, you forgot to purchase tickets and you are staying at one of our three partner hotels (The Crowne Plaza, The King's Inn, or Comfort Inn & Suites) you will be able to purchase event tickets until we reach capacity.

Those with confirmed hotel bookings will be able to purchase tickets at the door on Thursday only! You must provide proof of your hotel registration that will be compared to the hotel list given to the event. Note there is a limit of 2 tickets per room.


Symposium & Special Event Tickets Available

Symposium and special event tickets are still available in limited quantities at the door of each symposium and/or special event! If you purchased an event wristband please consult the Event Tickets page in advance before purchasing symposium tickets... Your wristband MAY include access! Wristbands do NOT include access to the Rum Cabana.

Tiki Oasis 15 Vendor Marketplace

Tiki Oasis is the crossroads of the Tiki world. Craftsmen, artists, tinkerers, and traders haul their wares to the Oasis creating an Exotica emporium unmatched throughout the world. Many vendors create limited edition items specifically for Tiki Oasis weekend shoppers. Bring lots of cash as many vendors will not be able to process credit cards.

For dates and times click HERE, For more vendor info click HERE.

Tiki Oasis Radio

Exotic Tiki Radio & Spyrate Radio have teamed up to bring you Tiki Oasis Radio LIVE all weekend at Tiki Oasis!

Tiki Oasis 2015

Grab yourself a little Tiki & decorate your website or facebook page today!

To help celebrate your love for the event, Tiki Oasis has created a few profile images, facebook covers, and standard web banners featuring the artwork of Derek Yaniger!

CLICK HERE, pick an image, download, and enjoy... It's that easy!

7th Annual Tiki Oasis Vintage Car Show

7th Annual Tiki Oasis
Vintage Car Show

Tiki Oasis car shows from 9:00AM - 5:00PM will feature vintage, customs & rods, live music, car show, DJ's and marketplace. This year, on Sunday only, we will feature local mobile food trucks selling delicious cuisine. Be sure to check out the Beauty Bungalow and Tiki Oasis Cigar Lounge all out at the car show!

Find out more details and see video of previous car shows HERE.

Official Tiki Oasis Show Print by Derek Yaniger

Official Tiki Oasis Show Print

Derek Yaniger’s serigraph is out of this world!

Don’t miss the Official Tiki Oasis Show Print created by the Official Tiki Oasis artist Derek Yaniger! Each one of these beauties is a limited edition signed and numbered serigraph and only available at Tiki Oasis in the Culture Cove Gallery vending space for a VERY special show price of only $40.

Available ONLY at the Tiki Oasis Booth!

2015 Tiki Oasis Mug

2015 Limited Edition
Tiki Oasis Mug for sale

Friday Aug 14th, 8:00PM
Grand Hanalei Foyer,
Crowne Plaza

TO15 Mug Created by
Eekum Bookum

(Limited Availability, While supplies last,
glazes may vary from image shown)

Miss Tiki Oasis 2014

Miss Tiki Oasis Pin-Up Pageant 2015

Thank you for helping to select the 10 finalists to join us at Tiki Oasis 2015. Find out at Tiki Oasis who will be named "Miss Tiki Oasis 2015"!

Meet the finalists HERE

Congratulations Ruby Joule Miss Tiki Oasis 2014!

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