Sponsored by Pin-Up Kulture Magazine and Black Lagoon Designs


Thank you for helping us pick the top 12 finalists. Join us at Tiki Oasis where one lucky gal will be named "Miss Tiki Oasis 2016”! 

Bunny Pistol - Alameda

Lady Lipstick - CA

Shellshock - Austin

Clara Becka - Hermosa Beach

Sarah Vamp- Las Vegas

Sassy Stiletto - San Diego

Cocoa Desoto - Vallejo

Millie Michelle - Las Vegas

The Green Umbrella Girl - San Francisco

Jackie Michele - San Diego

Mary Lynn Mayhem - Dallas

Violetta Beretta- Honolulu

Finalists will be invited to Tiki Oasis where one will be named the winner of the title "Miss Tiki Oasis"! The winner will receive a basket of prizes totaling over $500 in value.

check out all these prizes for the winner!

  • Miss Tiki Oasis will receive a Black Lagoon Designs True Love Tattoo Tiki  ($60 value). and runners up will receive a Black Lagoon Designs ships wheel mug ( $45 value)
  • Pin-Up Kulture Magazine, winner feature in magazine
  • Bachelor Pad Bundle of Bachelor Pad Magazines including an official Bachelor Pad 2016 Tiki Mug designed by Danielle Mann of Black Lagoon Designs!
  • The Oblong Box Shop, winner will receive an exclusive Monster Tiki Island skirt and matching brooch (value $130) & the runners up get $25 gift certificates to The Oblong Box Shop!
  • Ms Formaldehyde, pair of couture horns $100 value 
  • Trader Trixie, $100 gift certificate to Trader Trixie Etsy shop
  • Tiki tOny, carving $60 value
  • The Girl Can't Help it, $75 Gift Certificate and $25 Gift Certificates for Runner-Ups
  • Amber Ray Accoutrements, Hair Flower $50 value
  • Fox & Doll, Pin-up Makeup Kit $50 value
  • Raw Formed Jewelry, natural blue coral wrapped in copper plated seaweed necklace $42 value
  • Burluxe will provide gifts for runner-ups and winner will get an elastic harness wi/ crystals & vintage necklace detail: $35 value
  • 'Island Girl' necklace by Organic Jewelry by Allie $45 value
  • Gift from Vivien of Holloway
    and MORE!!

Pageant Rules & Regulations:

  • Participants may only apply once and only TWO images per person may be submitted (you will be contacted if a photo is not appropriate).

  • Submissions will only be accepted from the model IN the photo.

  • There is a No Nudity Policy for all "Miss Tiki Oasis" Submissions.

  • All submissions will be posted on the Tiki Oasis website (www.tikioasis.com)

  • Participants must be 18 years old or over.

  • 8-10 finalists will be chosen from the submissions.

  • Finalists are chosen by overall number of votes and the discretion of Tiki Oasis and a panel of judges.

  • Finalists will be given one weekend pass to Tiki Oasis and must check-in by 12:00 Noon on Friday  failure to check in may result in disqualification.

  • Participants are not permitted to accept or offer money or gifts from audience members.

  • Outfits worn during the event should reflect a VINTAGE style from the 1920s to the 1970s.

  • Finalists will participate in a vintage or retro style one piece bathing suit strut poolside at 3:00PM and an on-stage presentation in vintage or retro style cocktail wear (no lingerie) on Friday at 6:00PM. These times are subject to change.

  • If a finalist's outfit is deemed inappropriate by management you may be asked to change, or be disqualified.

  • The use of profanity during the pageant will result in disqualification.

  • A winner will be chosen from the finalist on Friday night by a panel of judges at Tiki Oasis.

  • The winner must be available immediately after the event for a photography session with the official contest photographer.

  • The winner must attend the Art Gallery Opening on Saturday,

  • After Tiki Oasis, the winner may only represent Tiki Oasis in an official capacity with prior written approval from Tiki Oasis.

  • Tiki Oasis has the right to use a participant's image and/or likeness, name, any recordings, photographs, and/or videotape in unlimited promotional, advertising and merchandising purposes in any format or media either displayed, distributed, or sold.

  • All photos taken at Tiki Oasis will become the property of Tiki Oasis and may be used in any future materials, printed or digital, in connection with Tiki Oasis.

    Applications are no longer being accepted.

Jolie Goodnight - Miss tiki Oasis 2015

Jolie Goodnight - Miss tiki Oasis 2015

Ruby joule - miss tiki oasis 2014

Ruby joule - miss tiki oasis 2014

Tana - Miss Tiki Oasis 2013

Tana - Miss Tiki Oasis 2013