Tiki Oasis Volunteer manual

This is your guide to a successful experience as a Tiki Oasis Volunteer. It contains valuable information for YOU the Tiki Oasis Volunteer! We value your time and energy, because you are a vital member of our team. Please know that we are always open to your suggestions, concerns and/or comments. Here at Tiki Oasis, we are committed to working with each person on an individual basis.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you at Tiki Oasis!

In order to volunteer at Tiki One must...

• Be able to accomplish the task assigned with little or no supervision
• Have experience with some positions as required
• Be respectful and cheerful as your work your shift
• Treat all guests and volunteers equally with respect
• Be a good representative of Tiki Oasis
• Be able to arrive at your shift on time (arrive at least 10 minutes early to check in!)
• Do not be intoxicated or unable to perform your volunteer duty.
• Do not trade shifts with others.

Tiki Oasis will provide the following for its Volunteers:

• Be respectful of each Volunteer
• Provide a welcoming environment in which you work
• Provide resources and tools for the shift you are working.
• Provide a support network for you
• Provide requirements for your position
• Be accommodating and understanding

Rewards and benefits to volunteers:

• 3 Day Ticket to Tiki Oasis (Thursday - Saturday)
• Opportunity to purchase discounted upgrades
• Our undying gratitude!

Emergency & Safety at Tiki Oasis

Tiki Oasis makes every effort to provide a safe environment for guests, volunteers, and staff. Volunteers are responsible for helping to prevent and eliminate conditions which could be harmful to themselves or others; therefore, the volunteer shall:
• Work carefully and comply with all safety policies
• Report unsafe conditions to the House Manager
• Report all accidents, no matter how minor
• If a first aid situation please call the First Aid Volunteer
• If an emergency call 911
Accident Reporting
Every accident shall be reported to the Tiki Oasis Event Manager / Security.
Disruptive Attendees
Volunteers, it is not your job to get in involved with a disruptive attendee. You are not to engage in direct contact with the guest. Security will be located throughout the hotel and also at the Bali Hai. It is thier job to assist you. Keep in mind this is an event that is heavily dependent on social drinking. However, it is not acceptable to become violent or abusive while doing so.
Rule of thumb: If a patron’s behavior is creating a threatening situation, summon event staff immediately. Do not let a bad situation escalate because of inaction. Confrontations involving anger, abusive behavior, “crashers” or expulsion from the event should only be handled by paid security staff.

Tiki Oasis Conduct

It is important that volunteers to be a good representation of Tiki Oasis.
Warnings will be given for the following reasons:
• Volunteer fails to show up for a scheduled shift
• Last minute cancellation - volunteer notifies too late to find a substitute
• Leaving early - volunteer fails to complete assignment
• Inappropriate conduct as determined by Tiki Oasis staff and /or Tiki Oasis Organizers and Management.
A volunteer will no longer be allowed to participate in the Tiki Oasis volunteer program if Tiki Oasis staff and / or the Tiki Oasis management should determine that a single act of inappropriate conduct is serious enough to justify the decision.

Volunteer Meeting

Not just mandatory…. It’s required of all Tiki Oasis Volunteer’s! This meeting is important since we may have some new information regarding the Tiki Oasis schedule. For an event this large, anything can happen! This is your chance to get a briefing on your job, meet the staff and meet your manager for your shift. So important is this meeting that if you miss it…. You lose your ticket, and the priveledge to volunteer. You must pick a meeting that is either BEFORE or just during the first part of your shift. You cannot attend a meeting after your shift.
Volunteer Meeting times:
Thursday: 5pm
Location: Bali Hai
(for Thursday volunteers only)
Friday 9am or 11:30am.
Location: Lagoon Room (next to the Grand Hanalei Ballroom) at the Crowne Plaza
Saturday 9am
Location: Lagoon Room (next to the Grand Hanalei Ballroom) at the Crowne Plaza


Please call Yuly 209-752-9585 if you need to cancel your shift for any reason. Please do NOT find your own replacement. We understand that life happens and situations arise preventing folks from fulfilling their jobs. In order to reduce the impact of an absence please be mindful of letting us know ASAP. Volunteers who do not complete their assigned shift will be invoiced $70 (the value of the ticket).
Thinking you might be late for your shift? Contact Yuly immediately. Communication is key to the success of the Tiki Oasis Volunteer Program!