Martin Cate
Jochen Hirshfeld

I spent my childhood in South America; in the late 70s in Quito, Ecuador, the local TV station aired black and white adventure movies from the US, along with all kinds of stuff from the 50s and 60s. I grew up with the sound and vision of the Ratpack on a South American adventure holiday.

As soon as I switched off the TV to play outside, the adventure just seamlessly continued in the exciting surroundings of Quito. My family returned to cold Germany in the 80s and my little explorer heart fell into shock. The only cure:

Filmmaking, story telling...and Tiki.

THE DVD OF TIKI already started in 2004 with a trip to the islands of the South Pacific. Equipped with a backpack and a simple video camera my wife Tanja and me began exploring the real South Seas paradise from Fiji to Cook Islands and Tahiti. Then we followed the trail to the pop culture interpretation of Polynesia in Hawaii, California, Florida and Germany.

Our tiny Guerilla film team captured over 200 hours of footage, traveled thousands of miles to interview almost everybody in the world of Tiki.