King Paris
King Paris & His Hypnotic Guitar
"Musical Mysteries of the Universe Unfold!”

King Paris fuses musical elements of American Rock and Roll, World Beat, Exotica, Bhangra, House, and Slide Blues Guitar into a uniquely Universal and ethereal style that is clearly all his own.

In his cape and turban, glittering suits, curl-toe golden shoes and jeweled electric sitar, King Paris dazzles with the newest, boldest, most exciting concert show to emerge from the world of the exotic in centuries.

His “west-meets-east” entourage also includes exotic dancers who further bring excitement to audiences as they Bollywood and Belly dance to the pulsating rhythms of his incredible internationally flavored band, the “Hip-notics.”

Drawing from his experiences as a youth traveling the globe with his father, King absorbed all the sights and sounds of far-away places. These impressions gradually found their way into the music and spectacle that is now presented to you here. King is also a Grammy nominated recipient of the W.C. Handy Award, who in his earlier career has enriched the music of Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, John Mayall, and countless other classic rock and pop artists with his inimitable style.

But now a new musical fantasy is about to begin, and it’s time to take notice. Here is the amazing KING PARIS!