The Barbwires

Featuring Tobias Einestad (The Blue Ocean Orchestra) on Solo-Trumpet

If there ever was a genre with new bands filed under "Soundtracks from 60´s" then The Barbwires sure could be found there. If you add some of Jack Nitzsche and John Barrys magnificent sounds together with a shredding fender stratocaster and a pumping beat you´ll get the picture. But label the band thats been around for 17 years is maybe a bit rich.

In 1995 as surf music was sweeping through the world the band begun in a trad fashion and started out as the house surf band at Stefan Kerys Tiki Room, Stockholm, at tours and parties. During the years, the band has developed the sounds and with the release of Searider (Wild Records)a new collaboration with Blue Ocean Orchestra begun. That signature sound is also heard on the latest 45 release from Mike Barbwire - SoS Rock´roll (El Sotano Calling) (Sleazy Records) 2012,heard here at Tiki Oasis Radio

How do you play live? (with only 3 persons) does audience miss arrangements? do you use samplers or anything? would you like to add more musicians to the shows?

In the old days back in Memphis the 60´s stax soul label used create fantastic records with all kinds of beautiful arrangements. Problem was they couldn't to tour with the orchestras. So they brought with them the recorded strings tracks on a reel-to-reel tape machine and play together with those arrangements. I also read somewhere when The Hollies made their Butterfly LP in the 1967 they also used the reel-to-reel tape machine to be able to perform the sitars, the trippy studio effects, and the orchestral arrangements on stage. When Swedish 60´s instroband The Spotnicks toured all over the world in 1965 they played together with the reel-to-reel machine to do all the effects. So basically we also tour with a reel-to-reel tape machine. its still kind of organic the band improvise around the basic structure. Its kind of the same when you play with an orchestra, they're playing with sheet notes so you got to follow the structure anyway. This is only one part of our show. we do the whole spectrum live from our earliest primitive releases to the latest sounds, and what we experienced people love to hear Caja Del Muerto with the big arrangements.

Magazine Musicpolis, Entrevista Mike Barbwire, Spain 2010

The Barbwires:

Kalle Fornia - Bass
J.R - Drums
Mike Barbwire - Guitar

Tiki Oasis exclusively feat.
Tobias Einestad (The Blue Ocean Orchestra) - Trumpet & add'l. instruments.