The Exoitics
The Exotics

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to both the internationally acclaimed 1966 spy bar, The Safe House, and The Exotics, purveyors of spy and surf music since 1994. The Exotics have long been associated with secret agent sounds, having written and recorded songs such as "Spy's Demise" named for the Safe House's number one drink and "Invaders" with its haunting spy guitar. The group was even featured at a James Bond movie premier in Chicago. The boys continue to make the sounds of international espionage a part of their act with a forthcoming spy themed EP, especially for Tiki Oasis. Bandleader Don Nelson is also a long time collector of spy records, hosting his "Spy Spin" events around Milwaukee. This will be The Exotics debut appearance at Tiki Oasis.


The Exotics at Forbidden Island
The Exotics on Huntington Beach
The Exotics at the Mai Kai
The Exotics at Hukilau