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Now all you need to do is send us a couple of photos and the application process will be complete.

Remember this is your only chance to impress us! Please send us two photos, (one portrait and one full body) by email attachment via the link below. If you only have one photo available, keep in mind that if this photo is deemed unusable or inappropriate we have no other images to choose from.

Attached photos should be .jpg format and should not be more than 3MB in size. Emails with attachment sizes of greater than 7MB will not be delivered so please size your photos accordingly. Photo file names should be labeled with your "stage name" and should NOT include capital letters, spaces, or special characters (e.g. baby_doe_01.jpg).

Emails should be sent from the same email address you submitted as contact in your "Miss Tiki Oasis" participant application and include your "Full Name" and "Stage Name".

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