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Meghan Mayhem

The Pacific Island Pin-up

Meghan Mayhem is The Pacific Island Pin-up who originally hails from Honolulu, HI where she helped create Hawaii’s first burlesque troupe, Cherry Blossom Cabaret, in 2007.

You can now find Mayhem heating up the stage with her undulating hips, fire eating, and tassel twirling talent throughout the Pacific Northwest. She struts the stage throughout Washington, Oregon, and California and is also member of the coveted Rose City Shimmy. Mayhem also appeared in Tease-O-Rama 08 and 12 and Tiki Oasis 08 - 13.

A vivacious and spirited show girl with a wild Latin inspired twist, Mayhem dominates the stage with a raw and untamed presence that will leave your heart aflame.

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