>Patrick the Bank Robber

Patrick the Bank Robber

Los Angeles

P(t)BR came from a surprisingly good home, into which he began introducing inappropriate jokes at age 6. Two decades later he would follow his  family’s encouraging advice to “Go away,”, moving to a place filled with desire and  undesirables. In Los Angeles he found work as a journeyman Shakespearean actor and  was thereby, naturally, introduced to the world of burlesque. Buying a dime store joke  book and a Salvation Army tux he quickly became the thoroughly toasted toast of the  L.A. burlesque scene, working as a resident emcee with Rag Dolls Burlesque, Monday Night Tease, Peepshow Menagerie, Orange County Underground Burlesque Society, Carnival Noir, and more. With an umbrella in his glass and $200 in three separate banks, he’s finally found the security he sought.

Special Thanks:
1. Rabbi Abraham Lincoln
2. Tom Collins
3. The French
The 1 out of 10 people. (I would be nothing without your sacrifice.)

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