Disc Jockeys

  • Howie Pyro

    Howie Pyro

  • Phast Phreddie

    Phast Phreddie

  • Skipper Josh

    Skipper Josh

  • Barbara Blaze

    Barbara Blaze

  • Domenic Priore

    Domenic Priore

  • Norman Cabrera

    Norman Cabrera

  • Strike


    The Kitsch Niche
  • Switched on Audrey

    Switched on Audrey

  • Lee Joseph

    Lee Joseph

  • Axle


  • Patrick G Robinson

    Patrick G Robinson

  • Duke Weiss

    Duke Weiss

  • Jon Burchard

    Jon Burchard

  • Tiki Tena & Jeff BigTikiDude

    Tiki Tena & Jeff BigTikiDude

  • Tanoa Samoa Boy

    Tanoa Samoa Boy

  • Nuria Alsina

    Nuria Alsina

  • Wesley Tanenbaum

    Wesley Tanenbaum

  • Astro 138

    Astro 138

  • Andrew Sandoval

    Andrew Sandoval

  • Wesley

    Anja & Mike Stax

Here is a partial list of this year's disc jockeys in no particular order. We will add others as they are confirmed. For stage time see schedule.

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