LOVE Revisited

(Los Angeles)

Fans of the legendary sixties cult favorites Love, will be overjoyed to learn that the group's music lives on, as Love / revisited. The band consists of co-founder and original lead guitarist Johnny Echols, along with Mike Randle, Dave Chapple  and David Green, with occasional  "special guest" appearances by original drummer Michael Stuart-Ware. They've toured the world, performing selections from their critically acclaimed albums "Forever Changes",  "Da capo" and  "Love."

Love's commercial success during the sixties has been eclipsed by their reputation in the LA music scene and influence over other bands then and now.
Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant cites Forever Changes as one of his favorite albums ever and Jim Morrison's 1967 personal biography for Elektra listed Love as one of his favorite bands.

At Tiki Oasis Love will be joined onstage by original Love bassist (1965-1966) John Fleck who is still a member The Standells (1967-present)