Tiki Oasis 2014 Merchandise

Keep an eye out here for Official Beat•Tiki® goods for sale at the Tiki Oasis Booth including shot glasses, Mason jars, hand towels, coffee mug, a fancy collectable Shag bracelet charm, another 7 inch vinyl record from the Tiki Oasis record label! and more.

2014 Tiki Oasis Limited Edition Tiki Mug

2014 Limited Edition
Tiki Oasis Mug for sale

Friday Aug 15th, 8:00PM
Poolside at the
Crowne Plaza Hotel

TO14 Mug Created by
Eekum Bookum

(Limited Availability, While supplies last)

2014 Tiki Oasis Limited Edition Tiki Mug

Dig this

Tiki Freaks n' Nutty Beats!

Like, It's the official Tiki Oasis "Beat-Tiki" show serigraph! Guaranteed to drive you Batty-O, Daddy-O! Limited edition of 100, each one signed and numbered by Derek!

While yer goofin' at the gig, fall by the Culture Cove Gallery booth and snag one for your own righteous self!

Please Note: Tiki Oasis does not offer mailorder or shipping for any of these goodies

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