Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story

Saturday 3:30-5pm. Join us for a showing of the Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story and Q&A with the REAL Gidget Kathy Zuckerman and the Director Brian Gillogly! The movie tells the story behind the world famous book and film franchise that brought surfing to the masses. In the summer of ’56, Los Angeles teenager Kathy […]

History of Leopard Print

Friday 4pm-5pm. These days leopard print is so common that we take it for granted, but it remains one of the most controversial topics in fashion, equally denounced and adored. The term “leopard print” no longer refers simply to the pattern of a big cat being represented on fabric. From being the sole province of […]

Hula Hoop w/Miss Mia

Hula Hooping is a fun way to stay in shape, develop coordination, work those hips, and impress your friends! If you’re new to hula hooping or are an expert human gyroscope you’ll have a blast in this class taught by hula hoop aficionado all the way from Europe… Miss Mia! 10am-11am Back to Symposiums Learn […]

Dr. Trimrose’s Cannibalistic Sex-Crazed Blood Island of the Tiki-Bot

Saturday 10pm-11:30pm. A South Seas SINema, Night Iguana Productions exclusive screening  of Dr. Trimrose’s Cannibalistic Sex-Crazed Blood Island of the Tiki-Bot. Jinjer James stars as the innocent girl thrown into a world of sex, violence and gore which must be seen to be believed. A South Pacific Island of strange sometimes erotic, sometimes disgusting creatures all overseen by a […]