Join us for our 14th Annual Tiki Oasis Pop-Up Art Show featuring 50 artists. Curated by Baby Doe, the show will be open to the public all weekend long!

Tiki Oasis Pop-Up Art Show "The Enchanted Sea"

Display Hours

Displayed at:
Town and Country Resort
500 Hotel Circle N, San Diego CA

Private Opening included with ticket:
Wed 8/02 7pm-9pm

Open to the Public:
Thurs 8/03 – 10am-4pm
Friday 8/04 –  10am-4pm
Saturday 8/05  – 10am-4pm
Sunday 8/06 –  10am-4pm

Curated by Baby Doe

Anthony Carpenter
Barefoot Norm
BigToe Art
Brenda Townsend
Clee Sobieski
Corey Smith
Daniel Watson
Derek Yaniger
Diane Bombshelter
Doug Horne
Eric October
Gwen Rosewater
Harry Decker
James Owens
Jason Straughan “The Boozy Doodler”
Jonathan Borodiansky
Ken Pleasant
Ken Ruzic
Kymm! Bang
Liana Hee
Lori Herbst
Michael Murphy
Mike Carnevale
Mike Maas
Nathanael Smith
Odd Rodney
Poison Ivey Art
Regina Hurley
Robert Kurner
Sandra Fremgen
Sarah Long
Stephanie Gobby
Susana Andrea, Vestige Photography
Tiki King
Tiki Tony
Weena Bee
Wildsville Mosaic
Will Penny
William Flint
Woody Miller
Yuliya McMahon “fantasyincolours”
Zachary Friedberg