Tiki it Easy w/Daniele Dalla Pola

Friday 3:30-5pm. Daniele Dalla Pola is recognized as one of the world’s greatest tropical mixologists. He will be sharing his secrets on how to make sophisticated Tiki drinks with speed. Tiki Oasis is proud to have him joining us this year with his symposium. “A great cocktail involves mixing fragrances, tastes and a sparkle of […]

A Real Conversation About Rum w/Bailey Pryor

Host: Bailey Pryor. Let’s work together to build a new language around rum using terms that clearly define the actual methods used and the resulting products. Let’s get the real conversation going so that we can elevate the rum category and honor the history, technology, culture and hard work that goes into creating this beautiful spirit.

The Bitter Way: Understanding Mixing Drinks w/Ram Udwin

Friday 3:30-5pm. Ram Udwin is the founder and creative mind behind Boy Drinks World, maker of fine cocktail bitters, tinctures, and other delightful things. Bitters are a critical ingredient in mixed drinks and are particularly important in Tiki cocktails. In this symposium, Ram Udwin shares his insider knowledge on bitters how how they make drinks […]

The Booze Renaissance Goes Tiki w/Jeff Cioletti

Friday 1:30-2:30pm. High-end rums, craft gin and bourbon and rye whiskeys all have been enjoying a resurgence. Increasingly, they’ve been finding their way into Tiki drinks, elevating the drinking experience by putting a modern twist on some old classics. In this session author and cocktail expert Jeff Cioletti explores modern spirits trends and showcases tropical […]

Two-Fisted Adventures in Home Bartending w/Blair Reynolds

Saturday 1:30-3pm. Mix, make, and garnish like the pros with Blair of BG Reynolds. Blair will walk you through the entire home bar setup, from rum selection, to setting up for quick service, even a few garnish tricks or two! Guests will walk away with a handy tip book filled with recipes for them to try […]

World War Tiki w/Beachbum Berry

Saturday 3pm-4:30pm. In the South Pacific during WWII, there were no bars and no wine cellars, only sea, sand and jungle. So how did the Greatest Generation get lit? They adapted and overcame. The swabs made Torpedo Juice, the jarheads made Jungle Juice, and even the kamikazes had their home-brewed Doburuku. Back on the home […]