Tiki Storytelling: “Tiki Pilgrimages”

Thursday 1pm-2:30pm. Come share your story! In Hawaii, the ancient art of storytelling is called mo’olelo, and like those customs of old and new storytelling series like The Moth, we’re inviting people to get up and share their stories of their ownTiki pilgrimages — hilarious or sad or kooky or fun, it’s all part of […]

Irreverent Pop Anthropology w/El Vez

Sunday 11am-12:30pm. Finding the line between appreciation and misappropriation can be tricky sometimes. Even with the best of intentions, we sometimes find ourselves uncertain if we’re being irreverent or irresponsible. El Vez and Miss Appropriation moderate a lively panel & audience discussion on Tiki. Option to private tweet during conversation. Come Dig it! Back to […]

Learn to Hula Dance

Thursday 1pm-2pm. Come and learn the graceful, enchanting, mesmerizing hula. Not only is this class FUN, it’s great low impact exercise that keeps the body flexible and fluid. Taught by Miss Tiki Oasis 2017, Di’Lovely. Wear comfortable clothing. Back to Symposiums Hosted by Di’Lovely [foogallery id=”2755″] [foogallery id="3337"] Tiki Oasis is proud to contribute to […]

Tiki Oasis Yoga w/ Kiki Lovelace

Thursday 8:30-9:30am. This yoga class will create a beautiful flowing sequence setting you up for a wonderful Tiki Oasis day! Pairing breath to movement will give you a feeling of unification in your mind, body and spirit. This class strives to help you become in-tune with your body through stretching, opening, strengthening and aligning it. […]

Build Your Own Bamboo w/Eric Hainline

Thursday 11am-12noon. It can be difficult – and expensive! – to find uniform and quality bamboo. But, for the right application you can enjoy outstanding looking structural bamboo decor at pennies per foot, and everything you need is at your local hardware store. Eric will demonstrate how to craft a variety of sizes of your […]

Hangover Yoga w/El Vez

Friday 8:30-9:30am. Hangover be gone! Get your body moving in this early morning stretch class. El Vez will lead you through a gentle warm-up that will wake you up and get your body, mind and SOUL ready to take on the rest of the Tiki Oasis weekender! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. let’s go!! Back […]