History of Leopard Print

Friday 4pm-5pm. These days leopard print is so common that we take it for granted, but it remains one of the most controversial topics in fashion, equally denounced and adored. The term “leopard print” no longer refers simply to the pattern of a big cat being represented on fabric. From being the sole province of […]

Modern Hawaii w/DeSoto Brown

Friday 11am-12noon. Join author DeSoto Brown as he takes you on a journey back in time to the optimistic years of the 1950s and ’60s in Hawaii, to see and hear how the islands would have been presented in a commercial promotional film of that time. Entry is included with BOTH Cocktail and Deluxe passes. […]

Pagan Island w/special guest South Seas Cinema Star Nani Maka and Randy Avon

Friday 10am-11:30am. Pagan Island (1961). A sailor thinks his wildest dreams have come true when he is shipwrecked on an island filled with beautiful women. He is therefore sorely disappointed when he discovers the women are almost all man-haters, who’d like nothing more than to see him die a long, painful death. Clips of the […]

Sex in South Seas Cinema w/Ed Rampell

Friday 11:30am-12:30. Ed Rampell is an L.A.-based full-time freelance writer and author. In this titillating symposium, Rampell will expose everything you ever wanted to know about Sex in South Seas Cinema. The film genre that offers the allure of South Seas sirens, naked nymphs, bronzed gods and goddesses, sensual dance and the first Western-style kiss […]

South Seas Musicals w/Matthew Locey

Friday 2pm-3pm. Tiki Oasis is proud to have the co-founder of southseascinema.org Matt Locey joining us this year. His knowledge is vast and in this lecture he will share movie clips from South Seas Musicals and discuss the big Hollywood Hula numbers, Pacific Island dances and popular songs during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Entry […]

The Art of Trader Vic’s w/Eve Bergeron

Friday 12:30-1:30pm. Granddaughter of Trader Vic, Eve Bergeron, will present the illustrators of the books, menu covers and other works along with “Trader Vic” Bergeron’s paintings and sculpture that are showcased in Trader Vic’s around the globe. Entry is included with BOTH Cocktail and Deluxe passes. Back to Symposiums Learn More: https://tradervics.com/ Hosted by Eve […]