2023 Sunday Seminars

Join us as we celebrate Tiki and Mid-Century style in a variety of educational seminars.
If a seminar is noted as 21+, that means no babes in arms or strollers allowed.

9:30am - 10:30am
Tiki Tot Tour
Hosted by King Kukulele

Create lasting memories for your tots with the annual Tiki Oasis Tiki Tot Tour. The kids will have a blast as they tour the resort grounds with King Kukulele meeting up close and personal with many ‘Tiki’ friends. Every year this event features many (secret-to-the-tots) Tiki celebrities!

King Kukulele
About King Kukulele

King Kukulele is a multi-talented entertainer and long-time M.C. for Tiki Oasis. He is a comedian, actor, and ukulele player who has performed around the world. Kukulele is known for his inexhaustible energy and for singing hapa haole and novelty songs at events ranging from Hollywood movie premieres to Disneyland.

Location: Convention Center Lobby
Cost: FREE

10:00am - 11:00am
with Charles Phoenix

Be prepared for your Catalina lovin’ spirit to soar when classic and kitschy pop culture expert, Charles Phoenix, sweeps us away on a time travel adventure exploring the island’s classic landmarks, legends and lore. With his trademark enthusiasm and spectacular collection of images, Charles shares the stories, glories, life and style of the S.S. Catalina, glass bottom boat, flying fish, bird park, Catalina Pottery, unique architecture, vintage graphics, souvenirs, Wrigley family, iconic 1929 Art Deco Casino, and more. Charles also shares his guide to must-do sightseeing, shopping, and dining experiences, the Island’s hidden treasures, time warps, and what not to miss as you discover Catalina as a great big theme park!

Co-Sponsored by Codigo 1530 & Big Marble Organics
Charles Phoenix
Charles Phoenix

Charles Phoenix is a showman, tour guide, food crafter, and author. He is known for his live comedy slide show performances, Test Kitchen videos, “field trip” tours, and coffee table books, all celebrating classic and kitschy American life. Charles has appeared on NPR, Storage Wars, Jay Leno’s Garage, Conan, and Martha Stewart, and was a judge on Food Network’s Cake Wars: Christmas. 

Location: Pacific Ballroom
Cost: $35

presented by Tiki Oasis Diversity & Inclusion Council
11:30am - 12:30pm
Cultural Couture: Celebrating Fashion with Respect
Hosted by Iris Estrada

Join Iris Estrada, aka The Tropical Texican and owner of Retro Revelry, for a thought-provoking seminar that explores the art of appreciating fashion without appropriating it. Gain valuable insights into the importance of cultural sensitivity and learn how to embrace diverse styles with respect and authenticity. From understanding the historical and cultural significance of garments to discovering ways to incorporate elements responsibly, this seminar empowers style enthusiasts to celebrate fashion as a universal language of expression while avoiding cultural appropriation. Join this enlightening journey and learn to appreciate fashion as a bridge that connects cultures in harmony and admiration.

About Iris Estrada

Iris is a vintage enthusiast with a penchant for mod and tropical attire, but her style knows no bounds. She blends eras, colors, and textures to create fun and unique ensembles. As the owner of Retro Revelry, she curates a haven for funky fashionistas seeking daring and quirky pieces from the past. Iris’s goal is to inspire others to embrace their individuality with confidence.

Location: Town & Country Ballroom C
Cost: $15

1:30pm - 2:30pm
Tiki Without Tipsy: The Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Movement
Hosted by Kyle Rioux

The Non-Alcoholic movement has come a long way in recent years from the pejorative “mocktail.” N/A spirits and conscious-minded consumption are more commonplace now than ever. With a few substitutions to the builds, you will learn how popular tropical drinks can be thoroughly enjoyed without carrying alcohol content. Whether you’re taking a break from drinking or never had the interest to begin with, using the right products allows you to enjoy delicious tropical cocktails without the buzz.

Sponsored by Ritual Zero Proof
Kyle Rioux
About Kyle Rioux

Kyle Rioux is the national ambassador for Liquid Alchemist premium cocktail syrups. He has a decade of experience building cocktail menus for California bars from Hollywood to Sacramento. He believes that drinkers and non-drinkers should have an equal seat at the proverbial bar top, leading to the development of beverage programs celebrated for their traditional and non-alcoholic cocktail curation.

Location: Town & Country Ballroom C
Cost: $35

2:30pm - 4:00pm
9th Annual Bartender Battle

The Tiki Oasis Bartenders Battle will pit some of the best bartenders in San Diego against each other in a no-holds-barred, head-to-head cocktail throw-down. Sample some of the best, most innovative Tiki cocktails in San Diego while you cheer on your bartending champion. They all may battle but only one can win!

Co-Sponsored by Licor 43 with Diplomatico Rum & Dos Maderas Rum

Location: Town & Country Ballroom A
Cost: $40