1)  To be on the Town and Country resort grounds after 4pm Thurs-Sat you must have and wear an event wristband.
2)  If you are a hotel guest at the Town and Country you must purchase tickets to the event.
3)  Evening entertainment is geared towards adults. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult to attend all evening events.
4) Tiki Oasis does NOT sell single one night tickets for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. We believe Tiki Oasis is best experienced if you stay and enjoy the full weekend,


Where do I pick up my tickets?

Pick up your tickets in the form of a wristband at Registration. If you have a ticket that starts on Thursday you may pick this up starting 10am on Thursday (no you can not pick up on Wednesday!).  Download the eventbrite app OR bring a print out of your ticket OR pull up your ticket on your phone. 

Can I purchase a ticket for ONE night only?

We only sale single night tickets for our opening Meet & Mingle event on Wednesday or our closing party on Sunday. If you want to join us on Thursday, Friday, Saturday you must purchase a three-day ticket. We believe Tiki Oasis is best experienced if you stay and enjoy the full weekend!

Does the hotel booking include tickets to the event?

No. Booking a room in at the main hotel or any of the suggested hotels does not include admission to the event. You must purchase tickets separately.

Registration Location and Times
  • Wednesday, July 28th at the Town and Country 3pm-11pm (this is ONLY for those who have Wednesday night tickets)
  • Thursday, July 29th at the Town and Country 9am – 11pm
  • Friday, July 30th at the Town and Country 9am – 11pm
  • Saturday, July 31st at the Town and Country 9am – 11pm
  • Sunday, Aug 1st at the Town and Country 4pm – 10pm

If you are coming for a specific performance, we suggest showing up at least 30 minutes early to allow us some time to process your tickets. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of the fun! Please consult our schedule for event times and performance listings.

Can I pick up tickets for friends or family?

Alas no. All ticket holders must be present when picking up tickets.


Once you are registered you will be given a wristband that allows you access to the event. You will be required to wear this wristband (on your wrist) at all times during the event. Cut off wristbands will not be accepted and NO you will not be issued a second wristband – so don’t take your wristband off at any time! If they are too tight please stop by the registration desk where they will cut off the band and issue you a new wristband.

Kids, Tweens and Teens

Kids, Tweens and Tweens age 17 and under should be under the watch of a supervising adult. Keep in mind that some of the Tiki Oasis events do feature performances of an adult nature, please consult our schedule to make an informed decision about what is appropriate for the children in your group.

21 and Older

If you are 21 or over, bring a current I.D. or passport to receive a 21 and older wristband.

Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at all of our events for those 21 and over in age. Minors are not allowed at any time to be in possession of an alcoholic beverage.

Seminar Ticket Information

To pick up up your Seminar Tickets, download the eventbrite app OR bring a print out of your ticket OR pull up your ticket on your phone.  These locations vary so please consult the schedule in your program.

Seminar Entry

We suggest you arrive at 15 minutes early to all seminars to allow for ticket processing at the door of the event. Note that for some seminars we are processing over 100 attendees!

The Cocktail Seminars are restricted to those 21 years in age and over. Proof of age will be required at the door.

Event & Seminar Ticket Refunds

Tiki Oasis Event & Seminars Tickets are non-refundable 30 days before the event.

Seminars are subject to change or cancellation. Refunds will be issued for cancelled seminars at the discretion of Tiki Oasis.

Suite Events "Room Parties" Information

You must have a wristband in order to be on the hotel property during the entire Tiki Oasis weekend therefore you must have a wristband to attend any room party. No person under 21 is allowed in a room party that is serving alcohol.